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Wendy Nelson
I always thought that oils and painting were the most creative artform, so when I was able to use hard forms and start to make creative art, it was somewhat of a surprise to me. It was also a lot more painful - with all of the glass. Mosaics are now what I prefer. The antique stores hide their beautiful plates when they see me coming and my husband shakes his head in disbelief, as I purchase beautiful hand-painted plates to break with a five pound hammer later that evening. : ) But, I could never have made the Moonlit Dance without all those wonderful pieces! Glass, Lucite, Glass with two plastic layers in between - we are experimenting. I have power tools now and that was an exciting event. Buying agate from a man in Colorado, and pawing through that and grouping it by colorations for future pieces... So much to do and so little time! As artists, I think we have more fun than other people... or maybe we just appreciate time, our God-given talents, and the challenge to do something with them. Even if it's not great art that we do. It's in the "doing" that we grow. Building and creating and learning!

Wendy Nelson
Phone: 7169695632


Profile Link: http://www.ArtOfMosaic.com/WendyNelson

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