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Shelley O Bar
Shelley is a self-taught mosaic maker. She loves the vision that mosaic can bring by taking broken pieces and shaping them into whole works of beauty. She enjoys capturing the play of light, movement, spirit, and color into each mosaic. Each piece is hand cut to fit the work. Most works are done using stained glass, with occasional adventures using tile, ceramic, or found objects.

A graduate of the University of Maine with a BA in sociology and from SUNY at Buffalo with an MSW, Shelley is a social worker by day, working with adolescents. She often incorporates the use of artistic mediums into the therapeutic process where the use of art and metaphor become avenues for self-discovery and healing. Her other creative interests include photography with nature/macro themes and charcoal/chalk drawings.

Shelley O'Bar

Profile Link: http://www.ArtOfMosaic.com/ShelleyOBar

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