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Pink Sky Desert
Pink Sky Desert This is a ready to hang, fully framed Garden panel. My mosaic mural panels can be sold as sets or series. This one has a left and a right side and can be sold as an idividual or as a set.

My mural panels can go inside or outside with little or no mantainance. They are constructed to withstand the elements, whether you live in Florida or Montana. I use a stain/water resitant non-fading epoxy grout. They are also made to hang flat against the wall.

15 1/4" wide by 36 1/4" Tall in a 1" wrought Iron frame.
Panels weigh approximently 45 to 50lbs. Appropriate installation is required, but well worth the effert with the effect it creates.


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Pink Sky Desert - Left
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Can sell as a set or individual

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