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Posted by Leliademello on 1/9/2009
 Featured by Justin on 12/22/2010
 Nominated for Feature by Leonard Pollack
Over 14,400, 3/8 glazed porcelain and iridized opal tiles were used to create this piece in the Opus Regulatim style direct set method on birch.Over 48 colores were used to create this piece.Inspired by the famous Tamara de Lempicka art deco period. Deco Diva glimmers and dazzles. Shes grouted with gold metallic and white grout. The image size measures 49 X 51 for an impressive modern day mosaic created by fine artist Lelia DeMello of Mosaic By Design.

49" X 51" Fine Art Mosaic
583 x 621 px  (291 KB)
DECO DIVA - Detail
Over 14,400 tiles used.
492 x 369 px  (157 KB)
DECO DIVA - Detail
Over 48 colors used.
492 x 369 px  (134 KB)
DECO DIVA - Detail
Metallic gold grout.
444 x 592 px  (228 KB)

 Artist:   Leliademello  ( ) Contact Artist 
Fine artist Lelia DeMello has painted original fine art for over 20 years. Her paintings have been shown in numerous fine art galleries and exhibitions all over the Country and collected by prominent corporations, celebrities, politicians, and exclusive resorts. She is now taking her artistic flare for design and create fine art mosaics. Lelia has admired and loved this art form for many years and now is excited to introduce her own designs and work with clientele to create design specific mosaics for installation in their homes, offices, and more. Artist Statement  I've experimented with many different traditional mediums to find  one that expresses my creative urge. Creating mosaics is completely fulfilling because it is not just designing, but the total satisfaction of physically fabricating a work of art. The variety  of colors and  textures  provide me with infinite  possibilities. My creations and designs are a personal reflection of my surroundings. The world, nature, people and it's diverse cultures are all influences in my work. My art and designs are an attempt to recreate  the beauty of nature in a different medium. My goal is to  share experience and discovery of natures  wonder. A thrill you  may feel when you can see the smallest detail interpreted in large scale. As magical as art itself, mosaic is timeless, and complex. It's a vehicle I can create original and dynamic designs, threw one of the oldest art forms and into the new century. Lelia's fine art mosaics are exhibited in Gallery Two Ten. Colorado Spring's premier fine art gallery.(719) 632-2132

Lelia DeMello
Colorado Springs CO 80906 US
Phone: 719-439-4088

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