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Female Torso

Female Torso

Posted by Mark Roberts on 11/13/2016
Glass mosaic art on internally illuminated panel. 'Oiled I'1200 mm x 600mm. 'Oiled II'600 mm x 600 mm.

Female Torso un-illuminated
491 x 1024 px  (1226 KB)
Female Torso illuminated
493 x 1024 px  (1182 KB)
Oiled II
Female Torso unilluminated
1015 x 1024 px  (1398 KB)
Oiled II
Female Torso Illuminated
1020 x 1024 px  (1270 KB)

 Artist:   Mark Roberts  Contact Artist 
Mark Roberts
Provocative Art is the trading name of erotic artist Mark Roberts. Born in Birmingham, Mark was educated at the esteemed Moseley School of Art. His early career in retail design and development produced a number of interior design concepts for well known blue chip retailers. Mark's real passion however, lay in painting.

Following a number of successful exhibitions, Mark has now established himself as progressive erotic artist. His strong contemporary style has been popular with collectors and individuals looking for private commissions.

Mark work is in honour of a womans femininity, beauty and sexuality. Original paintings, drawings and mosaics from his collection are for sale as well as limited edition canvas and art paper prints. All prints are limited to just 50 copies.

Most commissions come from women who want a painting that makes them feel good about themselves. My aim is to not only achieve that, but to exceed their expectations. Nothing gives me greater pleasure.

A photograph captures a moment in time, a painting or mosaic lives on forever. It is unique, a statement, an investment, something to behold.
Be indulgent, live out your fantasy and give your partner a reminder of why they fell in love with you.

Mark now works from his studio at home in Northampton. For more details about Provocative Art visit www.provocative-art.com or email: mark.roberts@provocative-art.com

Erotic artist Mark Roberts introduces his mosaic collection.


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