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ArtisanTileWorkx_COMMISSION ATW-COMMISSION_MOSAIX 'ARTWORK'IN GLASS COLORTILES **MOSAIX ARTWORKS WILL LAST FOREVER IN TIME AND SPACE!!! **PAINTED "IMAGES" WILL FADE OR CRACK OVER TIME! *****OVER 200 'MOSAIX' ARTWORK IMAGES IN GLASS COLORTILES ARE AVAILABLE FOR PRODUCTION TO PRIVATE OR COMMISSION_INCREASE 10X IN VALUE FOR AUCTION OR WORLD ARTWORK COLLECTIBLES DISCLAIMER: This 'MOSAIX' rendering method is an graphix artwork expression or interpretation, and do not make or have any claims to originals in the public domain or private collections. In addition, all 'artworkx or imagex' item identification_express names or numbers listed are impressions, or characterizations, or interpretations, and do not make or have any claims to originals in the public domain or private collections. Note: Mosaix Artworks 'graphics' visualization of tile "colors" may vary by monitor type or setting. MOSAIX artworks by Napoleon 'New Age Artisan' These magnificent 'Mosaix' artworks are 'Unique' to the World's Art Market_Estimated to be Priceless!!!!! For example, an item that (famous or any artworks) rendered_4x4 sqft_price at $2500 will increase in value_10x worth_or sale at auction for $10000-$20000_at fair 'retail' market price for Art lovers and collectors. Material: MOSAIX Artworks are rendered from various multicolor tile palettes: venetian/ smalti/crystal glass,ceramic,porcelain, marble,and other types of tiles. **Finish Mosaix artwork ares full price_Email for selection to Transfer funds thru YESSY.COM payment process for item delivery. **Special Commission item_1/2 down (release funds)to start/material cost and Final 1/2 after completion_FULL payment thru YESSY.COM auto transfer funds for item delivery. **Shipping cost will be include in Total price....1-2 month deliverable due to special (color tile) material and rendering process. Mosaix on mesh sheet boxed, larger install on fiberboard backing w/out or with grout_require special shipping. Email: Inquire for specific rendering of artwork, material and size, or scale and layout: Ex. 3x5,4x4,6x4,8x10......up to commerically 20x20 or more, customer preference. "Website under Construction"


Profile Link: http://www.ArtOfMosaic.com/ArtisanTileWorkx

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