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Hello every one!
I greatly appreciate that you accepted my proposal to be member in this site.
My name is Robert and I am 44 years of age and I am married and I have 2 lovely kids. I am a man of peace so I don't want any problem. I am from Albania. My country is in the mid of Europe, exactly on east of Italy and on north of Greece.
I work with sandblasting technique and glass cold painting, infinity signs lights, 2D &3D mirror wall sculptures or on Plexiglas, Mosaic, etc.
Also, I make models for gypsum cornices, personalized and carved colons by resin or latex.
NOW, We are using a new mosaic art with very small glass beads (bugles) by the dimension 1.9mm*7mm with a gap 0.2mm.These glass beads (bugles) are mounted and glued on upright position .To us knowledge this technique have not been created before at this positional. Am I right? We are working with two methods: one of them is like a cross fillet crochet and another is a mosaic in miniature but at same time it is like stained glass. These works are not easy to make and need too much time. Also these materials that We use have more advantage than the other materials that we use till now as slate, marble, pebble, mirror, tiles glass etc, and they will live for a long time. We want to make this technique to have very large applications for house, private places etc,.
We create every your picture, photo or design to a like a printed personalized photo. You can mail us your pictures to scan or you can send images to us by e-mail or you can point us to an image on the Internet that you might wish to use. Now any enthusiast can have a personal photo converted to a mosaic in miniature or a cross fillet crochet.
Soon We will complete these entire projects’ designs and We will attach them.
Now I want to ask all of you: do you have any information regarding this technique nearby your city or your country where you live? Do you see any artist that work in this medium that you could refer to me?
OR will it come into use to the future?
If you have any questions regarding this micro mosaic works, please feel free to drop me a line at this medium.
Or you can send them to me by return email at my private line: rduruesi@yahoo.com.
We will greatly appreciate very much as soon I receive your response.

Profile Link: http://www.ArtOfMosaic.com/Alartisti

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